I began my career as a trainee with a commercial photographic studio in London. My three years there provided me with a solid foundation in photography and was where I learned the darkroom and studio skills required to be a professional photographer.

An opportunity arose for me at CBS Records (later to become Sony Music), when their in-house photographer, a former colleague, was looking for an assistant; an opportunity enhanced by my love of music and photographing rock concerts. I grasped it with both hands. Two years later, when he moved on, I took over the role and became the sole in-house photographer. Some years later, with hundreds of photo sessions, gigs, and industry events under my belt, I decided to go freelance.

The freedom provided by freelancing has allowed me to explore other fields of photography. This has led to me undertaking commissions for corporate portraiture, interiors, architecture, travel and landscape as well as the wider area of the various entertainment industries.

about Terry Lott